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Time In Family Art Show at Alto

Part of Birdseed Collective's commitment to community outreach and arts education, Alto Gallery is pleased to present Time In, a special weekend pop-up exhibition featuring artwork from Globeville families and beyond. Along with inspirational/instructional videos, families were given free art-making kits to create together and exhibit their collective efforts at Birdseed's own gallery space in Denver's Berkley neighborhood.

Our primary goal with this project was to encourage families to engage in the creative process together. We also wanted to highlight their experience by putting their final work together in an exhibition. Young artists are not often included in public exhibitions and this experience highlights the value of the time they spend with their siblings and family. So much of this last year has been spent in their homes, and being able to take their work and put it in a public space is so exciting.

The kits and curriculum were built with play and investigation in mind. Participants had paper, colored pencils, two types of paint, and multiple canvases. Each week they were given inspiration but not direct instructions, allowing for the families to come together and talk through their ideas and figure out their style together.

This project was made possible with generous contributions from:

Elyria/Swansea/Globeville Business Association


Butcher Block Cafe

Geotech Environmental

Shopworks Architect


OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, April 30, 4 - 7 PM

OPEN GALLERY: Saturday, May 1, 11 - 7 PM


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