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Prism Dumpsters, Latex and Spray Paint on Metal Dumpsters, 2016, Sun Valley Housing Projects, Imagin


Recent Projects: Time In Family Art Show at Alto Gallery, Arts in Society at Globeville Rec Center, Villa Park Mini Mart, Sun Valley, Where Wood Meets Steel Mural. Future Projects: 40th & Colorado Blvd.

Arts in Society at Globeville Rec Center

Over 20 weeks in 2017, elementary and middle school youths gathered at Globeville Rec Center for guided art instruction from local artists Anthony Garcia and Victor Escobedo. Funded through a generous Arts in Society grant, the program exposed and educated low-income community youths to fine art history and practices. Kids were taught various art-making techniques and learned about the art business itself, all in an effort to focus their creative energies on positive, community-building projects.  


BirdSeed Collective's own Alto Gallery hosted a special two-week pop-up art exhibition in February 2018 featuring work from the program participants. For all of these young artists, this was their first art show and Alto Gallery aimed to make it the best possible experience for them by providing catering and kid-friendly refreshments. 100% of art sales for the show went directly to the young artists.  

Villa Park Mini Mart

Mural project at 10th & Knox (south facing wall) led by artists Anthony Garcia and Thomas Evans and employing 2 Villa Park neighborhood youths. Funded by Denver Arts and Venues and Urban Arts Fund

Sun Valley Housing Development Dumpster Art Community Project

Twenty-five artists of various styles, ages (many young), and backgrounds came together in the Sun Valley Development to paint 55 dumpsters, adding beauty and a sense of community pride to an underdeveloped part of Denver. Funded by Denver Arts and Venues, Create Denver, and a PS You Are Here grant. Collaborators include Sun Valley Resident Leadership Council, Sun Valley community, Denver Housing Authority, Sun Valley Kitchen, Denver Police Department, Councilman Lopez, FreshStart, Ink Monstr, and others.

Where Wood Meets Steel Mural

Mural project on three garage doors at Denver custom furniture design and build company Where Wood Meets Steel led by artists Tom Bond and Anthony Garcia and employing Globeville at-risk high school youths. Funded by Denver Urban Arts Fund.

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