Building a Better Tomorrow

In 2009 accomplished artists & entrepreneurs Anthony Garcia and Michael Broberg embarked on a joint venture with musician Robin Walker to launch BirdSeed Collective – an organization committed to improving their community using their exceptional artistic skills and deeply rooted connections to their local community. BirdSeed attained 501(c)(3) non-profit status in 2015.

Mission Statement
Birdseed Collective is a nonprofit community outreach organization that is dedicated to improving the socioeconomic climate of Denver, Colorado through innovative arts and humanities offerings.

To be Denver’s most reputable leader in integrating artistic creation with economic improvement, while serving as the preferred partner for artists throughout their creative process in pursuit of their altruistic goals.

What Makes Us Different
BirdSeed Collective has built an immense infrastructure of art and humanitarian resources within our community as well as abroad that is unsurpassed by any other institution.


The selection process implemented by Birdseed Collective experts ensures a corpus of partners comprised of premier individuals and institutions whose level of expertise and versatility could not be achieved by other art organizations.


The community of Denver, Colorado already has a close, long-standing relationship with Birdseed Collective, and they are the city’s preferred choice for implementing many public outreach programs involving public art as well as food relief programs.


4345 W. 41st Ave. Denver, CO United States 80212

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