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Raymundo Muñoz was born and raised in El Paso, TX, but has made Colorado his home since 1999. He received education at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX and University of Colorado-Denver, where he received a B.S. in Biology with honors. Art was always more his thing, though, and now devotes his life to making it and promoting it. He’s a linocut printmaker, illustrator, and musician who has shown and curated at various venues throughout the Denver metropolitan. Raymundo is also Editor-in-chief/writer/photographer for 1 of 1 Magazine, an online (and soon to be print) publication dedicated to highlighting and promoting the contemporary visual arts scene in and around Denver. 1 of 1 has partnered with Birdseed Collective for many events since its inception, but now operates as a program under the Birdseed umbrella. Above all, Raymundo is guided by the simple principle that art is a bridge, and that its greatest function is to connect people across space and time.

Vice President


Lacey Champion has worked alongside disadvantaged communities for over a decade and has her Master of Arts in Social Change. Before joining Northeast Transportation Connections in 2015, she worked in international development creating and running programs abroad in places such as Honduras, Guatemala, and Nepal. She currently works for Northeast Transportation Connections as the Senior Director of Community Engagement, where she has worked to implement a host of programs for Globeville, Elyria-Swansea and other communities in Northeast Denver.



Alicia "Bruce" Trujillo is a music professional from the occupied lands of the Arapahoe, Cheyenne and Ute peoples, in what's now called Denver, CO. Known professionally as Bruce, she has been working in music and arts organizations since 2006, with a mission to collaborate with communities who are systematically excluded, with a focus on independent and locally made music and art. Trujillo is the founder of Manos Sagrados, an art and music center off East Colfax, as well as an artist, muralist, and yoga teacher. 



Vonna Wolf is a MAX for Live Artist, Controllerist, DJ and multimedia artist  from Denver, CO.



Diego Florez-Arroyo is a full time poet, artist, and musician. Diego has worked on and produced a variety of projects from large scale prefabricated installations to multi media theatrical performances. Diego is a founding member of the Denver band Los Mocochetes. He regularly performs with longtime Denver improvisational avante-garde group Art Compost and Word Mechanics at the legendary Mercury Cafe, and is a part of Soul Jazz Rock Trio The Cosmosmiths.

Earlier this year, he opened an art installation and exhibit at Alto Gallery of RiNo Art Park, called Mensajes Mestizos (“messages from the mixed ones”), focusing on the spectrum of diversity among Chicano and Mexicano peoples along the American southwest, and northern Mexican region, before and after the establishment of colonial borders. 

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