Raymundo Muñoz was born and raised in El Paso, TX, but has made Colorado his home since 1999. He received education at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX and University of Colorado-Denver, where he received a B.S. in Biology with honors. Art was always more his thing, though, and now devotes his life to making it and promoting it. He’s a linocut printmaker, illustrator, and musician who has shown and curated at various venues throughout the Denver metropolitan. Raymundo is also Editor-in-chief/writer/photographer for 1 of 1 Magazine, an online (and soon to be print) publication dedicated to highlighting and promoting the contemporary visual arts scene in and around Denver. 1 of 1 has partnered with Birdseed Collective for many events since its inception, but now operates as a program under the Birdseed umbrella. Above all, Raymundo is guided by the simple principle that art is a bridge, and that its greatest function is to connect people across space and time.

Vice President


Victor Escobedo was born and raised in Los Angeles, but now resides in Denver. He graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration and worked for non-profit Gold Crown Enrichment for 5 years as an Art/Technology instructor for under-resourced youths (ages 10 - 18). Victor is now a self-employed freelance artist with skills in typography, illustration, and design and is resident artist/muralist for Birdseed Collective. When he's not working, Victor loves traveling (most recently to Mexico).



Mariah Sherman Graham, known in the Denver art community as Moe Gram, is a local artist, designer
and owner of the fine art brand Moe Gram Art & Lifestyle, LLC. Born and raised in southern California,
Moe Gram’s life became heavily influenced by hip hop culture and urban LA Street Art. These memories
and exposure to cultural diversity are huge inspirations for works by Gram. In 2012 Gram flew home from
Florence, Italy where she spent 6 months studying both historical and contemporary European Art. In
2014 she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a special focus Studio Fine Art and a minor in
Cultural Studies from California State University Bakersfield. The summer of 2014 lead to the unexpected
opportunity to move to Denver, Colorado and work in the Lower Downtown Denver Arts District. From
2016 to early 2018 Gram worked on projects including but not limited to: Fine Art Elective instruction for
the Denver Schools of Science and Technology, after school enrichment programs through Creative
Strategies for Change, and community partnerships with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America through
Grand Design, Inc. Currently Gram is the Fines Arts Educator at STRIVE Prep Green Valley Ranch
Middle School and sitting board member of Birdseed Collective. Gram also partners with Odessa to
cultivate the Creatives at Roundish Tables community, who meets monthly to engage in a wide range of
round table discussions in varying locations throughout the Denver Metro area. The Moe Gram Art &
Lifestyle brand remains active in the Denver and Aurora Cultural Arts Districts as a Fine Art Education
and Community Enrichment Resource. These projects along with many others continue to validate Moe
Gram’s dedication to a career in the Fine Arts, Fine Art Education, and Community Enrichment Services.



Alex Jimenez is visual artist, dabbler, and believer in the power of people. She is currently a Manager of Programs at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, where she is focused on teen programming and education outreach. Alex holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Metropolitan State University Denver. Outside of her work at MCA Denver, Alex loves to watch dance videos on youtube, nurture plants, and make trophies. Through all of her work, Alex is committed to building an equitable future in the arts for youth in Denver, and beyond.



Madison Capps was born and raised in Hobbs, NM, and has called Denver home for 5 years. A small business owner, Madison helps small businesses all over the country with strategic digital campaigns to define their brand online. In 2018, Madison helped curate the Temple Tantrum Festival, a two-day music and art festival sponsored by Meow Wolf.  Madison joined Birdseed Collective in 2018 to help spread the good word of BirdSeed Collective to the world. You can find Madison through her business, MadCleo, online at

 Music Coordinator + Member-At-Large


Born in Las Cruces, NM, raised in Conifer, CO, Denver-based musician James Jewkes has been recording, producing, and performing since 2008. Having worked with a slew of artists and bands (including Rick E. Chavez, The Good Grime Sound System, House of Trees, The Kappa Cell, Gothsta, The Terminals and many others) and having organized events, shows, and showcases across the state, Jewkes now performs with Pterrorfractyl and DJ's regularly at Alto Gallery and other venues. As music coordinator for BirdSeed Collective, Jewkes fosters close relationships with much of Denver's live music scene, books musical acts for various BirdSeed events, produced a compilation of Denver's finest for BirdSeed's "100 on 100" fundraiser in 2017, and will oversee the youth music program at the Globeville Center in 2019.