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Rocking Out, Finishing Touches on 40th + CO Mural

Progress on BirdSeed Collective's 40th & Colorado Blvd project moves forward to culminate in the big reveal and ribbon-cutting this Saturday, April 29. Complementary to the project's zarape-inspired mural, Thomas Scharfenberg's community-based rock-painting sessions have come to a close. Having involved volunteers at PlatteForum, Alto Gallery, and Claude Haus, over 4 tons of rocks underwent multiple coats of a rainbow of assortment of acrylic paints, all to be distributed along the pedestrian walkway below Colorado Blvd. Mural painting has also reached an end with finishing touches completed by lead artists Anthony Garcia and Thomas Scharfenberg. Only installation of lighting and commemorative plaque remain before Saturday's unveiling. Photos by Raymundo Muñoz.

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