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7th Annual 100+ at Sports Castle

After weeks of planning and preparation, BirdSeed Collective's 7th Annual "100+" group art show and fundraiser finally kicked off Saturday July 22 at the mammoth Sports Castle on Broadway. Boasting over a hundred artists and 300+ pieces of work, 6 bands and 3 DJ's, interactive exhibits, vendor tables, and homemade tacos, it was the biggest event at the biggest venue the Denver non-profit has put on to date.

The one-night open-call, open-themed show draws a wide range of artists. For this show only, BirdSeed takes no cut - 100% of art sales go directly to artists.

Participating Artists:

Andrea Gordon, Sheridan Furrer, Sarah Fukami, Cee Martinez, Invictus, Suzanne Bates, Scot Nobles, Corey Merritt, Julio Alejandro, Tom Bond, Don Haynes Jr, Cisco Lizarraga, Andre Lippard, John Eagle Flame, Elena Gunderson, Beverly Green, Andrea Fast, Earl Chuvarsky, Koko Bayer, Justin Petty, Mary Clark, Matt James, Marie Conigliaro, Thomas Scharfenberg, Pegi Taylor, Emma Balder, Katherine Phenna, John Haley III, Sheina Fae, Risa Friedman, Kayla Behm, G. Kaaihue, Brian Fouhy, Aaron Best, Eli Hall, Janelle W. Anderson, Lindsey Scot Ernst, Hayley Dixon, Lionnel Bumbakini, Rachel Cain, Christa Pisto, Chelsea Graeber, Esmeralda Patino

Ryan McNew, Justin Schaffer, Raymundo Munoz, Drew Austin, Evan Sanks, Daina Heeter, Marc Anthony Martinez, Anna Charney, ALEO,

Samantha De Avila, Charles Russell, Jeremy Aaron Moore, Corrina Espinosa, Cayce Goldberg, Mark Fitzsimmons, Tibet Azar, Nyssa Peterson, Mary Longshore, Leslie Twarogowski, Chanel Lawrence Alejandro, Yousif Seraj, Janice McDonald, PISTO, Stuart DenHartog, Daniel Monclova, Samuel Mata, Ivy Truhlar, Justin Ankenbauer, Clay Brooks, Markham Maes, Susan Goldstein, Mitch Farrer, s.legg, Mukda Williams, Isabel Solia, Elena Davalos, Kristina Garcia, George P Perez, Curtis Tucker, Janice McDonald, Skye Hutchinson, Ben Siekirski, Sarah Smith, Moe Gram, Anthony Damian, Alex Paozols, Jeremy Aaron Moore, PACER, Hollow Bones, Robyn Francis Huffman, Victory, Arna Miller, Scot Lefavor, Chris Haven, Jack Estenssoro, DenVR

Participating musicians:

Altas, Random Temple, Pterrofractyl vs. Terminals (duel set), Leen Esto, Emily Shreve, Reed Fuchs, James Jewkes, Wheelchair Death Camp

Homemade "Street Tacos" by Kristina Garcia - BirdSeed Collective Food Program Manager with help from community volunteer servers Ricky Bragg and Antonia Montoya.

Photos are from July 21- 22.