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Time In Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone that participated and joined us at Alto Gallery for the opening of Time In. Part of Birdseed Collective's commitment to community outreach and arts education, Birdseed's own Alto Gallery presented the special weekend pop-up exhibition. Featuring artwork from Globeville families and beyond, Time In is the culmination of a weeks-long program that provided free art supplies and instructional/inspirational videos, while encouraging collective creativity and family time.

Participating artists were given a taste of what a typical gallery exhibition at Alto entails. In addition to hosting and installing the show, Alto staff presented artist statements, promoted work through online channels, and handled sales. Free kid-friendly snacks and drinks were also available, along with family-friendly music.

The show was well-received, drawing family, friends, and art lovers throughout the weekend. And many works were sold (100% of sales going to the artists)! Look forward to more events like this from Birdseed Collective and Alto Gallery.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Elyria/Swansea/GlobevilleBusiness Association, ULC, Butcher Block Cafe, Geotech Environmental, Shopworks Architect


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